Do you dream of serving a true Lady and be dominated by her mentally and physically or even financially but your private life or COVID-19 just stop you from your true desire.

If you wish to be punished and humiliated for being a useless or naughty boy or you desire to be tied up and get spanked by a beautiful and breathtaking Domina like Me then distance can't stop Me from squeezing you under My beautiful heels or you from serving your Lady.

One of My specialities and super power is to control your mind and body, play with you like a puppet, train you to become a slave that I like to use as a play toy or humiliation subject from miles away. you can also be My guinea-man in My pain-lab, so I try my newest torture methods on you. Or you may simply wish to dress up all in a high heels and make up and prove Me that you are nothing less than a slut!

No matter how you dream to serve Me, I always have the best methods to bring you on the edge of fire even if there is an ocean between us.

The online training that I give to my slaves/subs varies depend on your potential, power or desires and it can be very strict and disciplinarian to a sensual roleplay.


I allow My slave/sub to choose to serve Me through getting their orders via text messages, emails or entertain Me via cam sessions but I will plan it in a way that suits your time schedule and private life. But if u wish to taste being owned by Me 24/7 then there can be a full time distance domination and slavery life minimum of one month which you can find in My SPECIALS.

Do you wish to find out what kind of plans I will have for you and how you can suffer for your Lady then I may allow you to CONTACT Me or simply send Me an Email.

But before that you shall read more about ME and My INTERESTS and LIMITS.