Power Exchange (TPE) and Dominating are two of My natural talents.

In a distance domination your Mistress will show you the other realities of BDSM realm.

The fact that I can set you on fire even with an ocean between us has less to do with Me being a professional Dominatrix and more to do with the fact that I am literally the Goddess of power and control.

I have a strong desire to own your soul and body, as well as your daydreams and vigils.

There are so many factors that can turn Me on, like seeing you in your business suit before a meeting, knowing that I hold the key to your chastity, and plotting all My evil plans for you. But it's your level of trust in Me that gives Me power and makes you attractive in My eyes.

Trust is a valuable factor for Me, something that I value highly, and something that you will never regret giving to your Master.

How does an online session look with Me?

As they say, your limitation, it's only your imagination!

There are so many reasons in the world why you wish to be dominated by an intelligent, sexy, and elegant Mistress, and I respect them all. you may require a stronger shoulder to carry all of your world's responsibilities away, allowing you to feel free for a short time, or you may recognize that you were a bad boy who deserved to be punished. It can be that you just need a Goddess to worship, or an owner to belong to, so the rest of the world fades away in your eyes. As I previously stated, I respect them all, but not every slave who approaches Me is given the chance of being in My service. So, first impressions are very important to Me. Be careful about how you write and approach Me. If I decide to proceed with you further, then I will speak with you about your fetishes, kinks, desires, and fantasies. It is critical for me to get to know your soul in order to build trust and a framework for the session based on who I see you as and what aspects of your interests spark My own.

In the session, we can experience so many aspects of BDSM, but not everything at the same time. Step by step, with trust and experience, the limitations and boundaries can be pushed.

  • I like slave training. I train My slaves to become as perfect as I desire in how they talk, write, and interact with Me.

  • My other interests will include making you My puppet, objectifying you, humiliating you, and controlling your daily life from afar.

  • Being My guinea-man in My pain-lab, is another aspect of our online dynamic, so I try my newest CBT torture methods on you.

  • I also love shopping and have very good taste in fashion, so making you a more handsome slave would be on My list. Oh, and buying Myself gifts as well as using your credit card is something that I enjoy so much. If findom is what you desire, and you know that I deserve everything, what is yours is mine!

Do you remember that I said I wanted to control all of you? 

That is, if you want to be locked up in chastity and send the keys to me, or if I control your online cage and tease you to the brink of exploding without letting you out, that is something I really enjoy.

Or perhaps you simply want to worship every inch of my beautiful body, as well as my intelligence and power.

No matter how you dream of serving me, I always have the best methods to bring you to the edge of the fire, even if there is an ocean between us.

The online training that I give to my slaves varies depending on your potential, power, or desires, and it can be very strict and disciplinarian or sensual roleplay.

I allow My slave to choose to serve Me by getting their orders via text messages, emails or entertain Me via cam sessions and I will plan it in a way that suits both our time schedule and private life. But if u wish to taste being owned by Me 24/7 then there can be a full- time distance domination and slavery life of a minimum of one month, which you can find in My SPECIALS.

Do you wish to find out what kind of plans I will have for you and how you can suffer for your Lady then I may allow you to CONTACT Me or simply send Me an email.

But before doing that you shall read more about ME and My INTERESTS and LIMITS.

Worship your Goddess