Look at Me, slave!

I suppose you are here because you want to serve Me, don't you?

Of course you do! But not all are worthy of such an honor. If you think you have what it takes to be My slave or sub, then follow Me on your hands and knees and I will show you My court!

i am on my knees my Lady



Allow Me to introduce Myself. you may address Me Lady ArtMaze but I am Master Maze for those who are lucky enough to serve me.

I am professional Dominatrix but more importantly I am also a true lady, descended from an aristocrat family whose name shall stay secret here. I born as Dominant woman, so as you who born to worship and obey Me and I demand the best from those who would serve me.

I am sure you didn't imagine that I am also sadistic primal predator, it means I like conquest, physical and mental overpower and playing with My prey. This just adds to My beauty and makes Me more mesmerizing.

I am a strict Disciplinarian Goddess and a beautiful enigma, like a unique flower. Every time you learn something new about Me, is like I bloom a little more in your eyes and My roots chant more in your mind.

But can you ever see Me in full blooming?

I don't think so, but you may try your best.

Around Me it's all about intelligence and elegancy.

Our dynamic in My world is a mind game but it is My game and I am the Master of it who knows how to bring out the deepest and most hidden desires in you, in a way that it brings the fire to your soul.

When you enter my world your life will not be the same after that.

In our dynamic there is a perfect positive correlation between how powerful and successful you are in the vanilla life with Me dominating you easier and stronger. I have a hidden power to bring down high self-confidence men who play a dominant role in daily life, on my feet like a helpless slave!

But if you can't handle mental challenges, if you don't find yourself worthy enough to have a high class sessions then your presence in My court is not needed!

If you are choosing to stay then I am sure that you are a person of particular tastes, looking for sophisticated and unique dynamic with a woman unlike any other you have encountered thus far.


My Interests

My Interests

you shall click here

My Fetishes

My Fetishes

you shall check here

My Hard Limits

My Hard Limits

you shall check here
My Interests

• PE & TPE




– Mind Domination 


– Protocol & Discipline 


– Domestic Servitude 


– Long-term Training  





– Rope


– UP Leather 


– Mechanical 


– Metal 


– Mummification



• C B T  




– Worship (UP Leather, Latex, Boots & Shoes, Foot) 


– Tease & Denial






– Whipping

– Caning 

– Spanking

– Paddling

– Flogging

– Birching

– Strapping

– Foot Whipping




– Public & Verbal Humiliation 

– Human furniture 

– Objectification 

– Slapping





My Fetishes

Masks, High heels, PU-leather, wet look, silky dresses and stockings 

My Hard Limits & Taboos

• Illegal activities

• Bare skin worship 

• Intimate contact of any kind

• Sexual intercourse

• Fisting, Fire play, Needle play, Knife play, Breath play, Cutting or anything that cause permanent mark or damage 

• Water-sport, Enemas, Scat, Menstruation, Toilet play , Blood and Vomit

• Age play and session with under 23 years old 

• Any medical activity (catheter, balls infusion, nipple piercing, cutting, sewing)

• Anything consider Animal abusing and bugs crushing 


DINNER & DOMINATION: Special dinner date with your Master. Perfect opportunity to spend some time before a session, like an opening ceremony to My games. Imagine the excitement of the little dark and burning secret between us among the public. Can anyone guess what's My next plan is for you! (4 hrs)


CHILL AWAY: A deluxe and unique taste of be owned by Me and belong to Me. Almost a day living near your Master in My luxury and relaxing 5-star hotel room and embracing whatever your Master is planning for you.(15 hrs)

EVENING OF SLAVERY: Do you wish to get trained and disciplined by Me? Then that is your night. I will train you in a way that I want and play with you like you are nothing except My little playing object.(6 hrs)

ONLINE DOMINATION: If you are dreaming of serving your Master but you have no chance of living under My shadow in My city then this is how your dreams come true. Serve Me from where ever you are and get the honor of being owned by Me.(30 days)

HOT FLAMES : I Also accept a short sessions for those who have limited time or as a first introductory session for those who wish to start their journey step by step with Me.(90 min)

I allow you to contact Me if you wish to know more details about My specials or if you wish to get another planning to serve Me!

Contact Me

Dinner & Domination

4h | 770€


Online Domination

30 days | 1000€


Chill Away

15 h | 1700


Evening of slavery

6h | 1000€

What is My tribute or rate?

Once you have applied and sent your request to Me and I find it interesting to play with you, I'll contact you. When I'm sure what you are wishing for, I will inform you your specific plan and price.

Meanwhile you can check My Specials to get some idea.

There is no negotiation for My tribute, so just don't! It will disqualify you..

I accept your tribute in Bitcoin or cash. Regulars are allowed to do bank transfers.

Where you can serve Me?

I live in the beautiful city of Stockholm in Sweden but it shouldn't limit the ways that you can serve Me.

Beside My strong mind power and skills in distance domination, I am also an international Dominatrix and I like adventure and traveling. Moreover Stockholm is also a beautiful city for you to bow down to Me.

In Stockholm normally I conduct sessions in beautiful historical castle rooms or in 5-stars hotel rooms.

If you wish to fly Me to your preferred city for sessions, then it should be longer than 3h - and I demand first-class flight tickets and a 5-stars hotel room to be paid by you.

Also several times a year, I visit Germany and Netherlands or some other places. To be able to see My travel calendar for booking a session stay updated in My social media or website.

How can you be My personal slave?

There are two opportunities for you to earn the chance of becoming My personal slave.

The first one rise from you visiting Me in regular sessions, then I am able to train you as My perfect servant, and you may get the chance of becoming My personal slave.

The second opportunity comes up time by time when I do open a trial training, so if you prove that you are worthy of serving Me, then you may become lucky enough to be owned by Me. Trial opportunities are added occasionally.

¤¤ If you believe that you are such a special one which I shouldn't miss adding you to My collection then you may contact Me

No live-in position available!

Do I have training courses or workshops?

I hold several workshops internationally every year and I have private training courses as well.

For training courses regarding submissive or slave training you may contact Me via email to get more information.

For workshops I will announce them on my social media and website. So you don't wanna miss it, stay updated.

Do I require a deposit for sessions?

Yes, you should send Me deposit for assurance that your interest is legitimate and notify Me in a good time for any cancellation or changes. This quantity will be later subtracted from your tribute.

I expect you to send your deposit, shortly after the planned play is confirmed, via Bitcoin or bringing it to our first date in cash. 

If you notify Me with at least a 48 hours notice for re-scheduling - your deposit will be applied to your future appointment. Otherwise it will result in a loss of your deposit.

You have three months for re-scheduling the session.

Do I ask a tribute for the first date?

No, the first date, which is for getting to know each other, there for I do not ask a tribute for it. However I do expect that you're a gentleman and that you'll bring Me a beautiful flower bouquet.

For those who live in another country we will have an online date to know each other better before the real or online session.

How the first session will look like?

Everything you need to know about the session will be discussed earlier and also at our first date before the session.

So make sure to read everything that I tell you, twice before the session day.

The general rules around Me?

you are to call Me "Master" or "my Lady" at all times.

I play according to CFNM (Clothed Female, Naked Male). I will not disrobe.

If you can't see your particular kink in My interest list and it's not part of My hard limits then you may politely ask Me about it. I may consider your request if it brings Me a wicked delight.

I do not offer intimate body worship or sexual services.

you do not have permission to touch Me unless I give you express order to do so. If you cannot control yourself, the session will end and you will be dismissed immediately.

I play with SSC code for beginners and RACK code for experienced ones.

There is no Topping from Bottom around Me. If I feel such a thing, our dynamic will be disconnected.

I am a super private person and I respect your privacy as well. All information exchange between us will and should stay between just the two of us.

Beautifuly spoil your Lady
Surprising your Lady with gifts will show how much you care about Her desires. I love unexpected gifts and it is only in your best interest to be caring and generous. Make sure to message Me after sending Me any gifts so I artfully keep it in mind.

Gift cards shall be sent to: [email protected]

Your Lady loves luxury things. If you really want to be charming, then feel free to send Me a MyTheresa gift card.

I also love lingerie, corset and latex dresses so you can spoil Me with a gift card from Pleasurements, Bordelle Corsetstotty and Simon-o .

Would you prefer to let Me decide how should I spoil Myself then you can send your gift to My Bitcoin wallet through My Bitcoin address


or choose Amazon giftcard option.

I also care a lot about animals so you can always warm My heart by donating to WWF or any other animal welfare organization in My name.

I have expensive taste but not necessarily everything should be complicated to put smile on My beautiful lips. I love simple things too like flowers, chocolate and herbal tea, as long as it's a way for you to appreciate and worship your Lady.


you shall sit down now on the submissive position on the floor, the place that you belong. Now if you have a general question you are allowed to send Me an email. If you wish to apply to serve Me, fill the form bellow carefully. Then wait until you may get lucky and your Lady find some free time and answer you!


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